Past Projects

  • future:net is a small, invitation-only conference that Bruce Davie and I organized in 2016, 2017 and 2018. It happens on the last day of VMworld and we have had world class speakers joining us in Las Vegas.
  • The Router Animations I did for my thesis presentation are on the Animations Page. Flash source code is there as well and re-use is encouraged.
  • Stanford Networking SeminarKevin,Vince and I started this weekly seminar in 1998 and it has been going strong for over 10 years.
  • Wizzy’s Quest, a public domain game that Sören and I wrote in 1990. The game received some very, flattering, reviews for its graphics, sound and gameplay. In’89 non-scrolling 2D graphics and 4 channel sound were stillcool. And if you get stuck, you can even find cheats for it online.


  • Google Inc. – The best search engine in the world. My only contribution is having co-authored their original business plan with Larry and Sergey. Jochen Siegle wrote nice piece about it for Spiegel Online. I never was a founder/co-founder/employeeof Google though, stories saying so are nonsense.
  • BASES, the Business Association of Stanford Engineering Students. I held several positions including CTO.

Web Sites I used to run

  • – It started as an effort that was all but unknown outside of the research community and it became a major standard. The ONF is now continuing the work.
  • – Get your personal address for free. Only people with the last name Appenzeller need apply. And it is free (as in beer)!
  • BASES – Webmaster/CTO in 1998/99 of the Business Association of Stanford Engineering Students site with about 350 pages, 17000 page views per month.
  • Stanford Networking Seminar in 1998/99.